Safety Training

Environmental Health and Safety training is conducted in three phases at UNCG. New employees are required to attend New Employee Orientation, where they will receive safety and health instruction as a part of the day-long classroom Human Resources Services training. Upon return to their work environments employees should complete the New Employee Training Checklist. This will involve individual training conducted by a supervisor and online or classroom training specific to the employee’s work environment.

Online Training Modules

Today’s office is a complex workplace, where new technologies allow employees to be more productive than ever before. With these new devices come ergonomic issues that can affect worker muscle, bones and tissues. Back injuries and slips, trips and falls top the list of injuries in the office environment. In addition, old and new buildings present indoor air quality challenges that can lead to illness and injury if not addressed. The following on-line modules are designed to raise your awareness for these injuries and provide steps you can take to prevent them.

Safe working environments do not just happen by chance. They are the result of proper equipment, policies and work practices. The management staff at UNCG is committed to providing a safe work environment for you. It is important for all employees to know and follow safe work practices. Review each of the on-line training modules to learn about how to perform your work safely. Your supervisor will provide additional training that is specific to the tasks you do.

As a maintenance or trade worker at UNCG, you are required to know much about the campus facilities and how the thousands of pieces of equipment operate. While performing these preventative maintenance and repair tasks, it is essential that employees work in a safe manner. Office of Safety live and on-line training classes are designed to raise your awareness for working safely. Additional instruction from your supervisor will ensure that you are working safely.

Information on laboratory related training can be found on the Lab Safety webpage.

Coaching the Van Driver Training (15 Passenger Van)
University policy requires the completion of the Coaching the Van Driver Training Course facilitated by the UNCG’s Department of Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) prior to operating a 15-passenger van. This training is now available on Canvas. To register for the course, you may self-enroll by visiting Once you’ve successfully completed the course, a card of completion will be emailed to you. If you have any questions, contact EHS at (336) 334-4357 or send them directly to

Employee Training Checklists

Employee safety training is a key component of maintaining a safe work environment. The following checklists are designed to identify hazards and guide employees through supervisory and online training. Training is specific to the employee’s tasks. Click on a work environment that best describes the employee’s work tasks and print a paper copy. Follow the instructions on the checklist.


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