The UNCG Fleet Fueling Facility located at 806 Oakland Avenue next to the Campus Supply Building re-opened on Monday, March 11, 2024. With all-new equipment, larger tank sizes, and more nozzles to dispense both gasoline and diesel fuel, the facility is ready for use. As before, the fuel management system will use the key fob (Prokee) for vehicle identification.

To use the new fueling facility, just insert the Prokee into the slot on the face of the fuel management system to begin. Initially, the user will also need to enter their 9-digit UNCG ID number, then select the hose number for dispensing fuel. Instead of just two choices, the following hose numbers are now available:

Blue pump gasoline

Hose #1 Gasoline
Hose #2 Gasoline

Green pump diesel

Hose #3 Diesel
Hose #4 Diesel