Works diligently to ensure that all capital projects are professionally managed according to the laws and regulations of UNC-General Administration and the State of North Carolina. We are responsible for formalizing and centralizing all of the activities, functions and coordination of capital project planning, establishment of capital project authority, and serve as the main contact with the Office of State Budget and Management and UNC General Administration regarding capital projects. This area is also responsible for overseeing that all capital project expenditures are made in compliance with state budget regulations and for financial project close out.

What is the difference between a major capital project and a minor capital project?

  • A major project has a budget of $500,000 or greater, and minor projects have a budget less than $300,000.

What are some of the variables involved in project establishment?

  • Type of project requested (new building, renovation of existing building, etc.)
  • Time of fiscal year the request is made
  • Project funding source(s)
  • Whether the Legislature is in short-or long-session

How may a capital project be funded?

  • State appropriations
  • Grants
  • Self-liquidating dollars
  • Gifts
  • A combination of two or more of these funding sources

Capital Improvement Administration

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