The leadership of the Facilities department at UNCG is committed to promote and support continuous training and development of staff with the goal of increasing competency, skills, knowledge, and efficiency levels within the organization, as well as supporting opportunities for advancement.

Opportunities supporting this effort include training associated with new employee orientation, safety, customer service, sustainability, diversity, technical training, professional license training requirements, tuition waiver for university offered courses, tuition reimbursement for job related courses, job related workshops and seminars and continuing education.

Safety Traning For All Employees

Today’s office is a complex workplace, where new technologies allow employees to be more productive than ever before. With these new devices come ergonomic issues that can affect worker muscle, bones and tissues. Back injuries and slips, trips and falls top the list of injuries in the office environment. In addition, old and new buildings present indoor air quality challenges that can lead to illness and injury if not addressed. The following on-line modules are designed to raise your awareness for these injuries and provide steps you can take to prevent them.

Additionally, maintenance or trade workers at UNCG are required to know much about the campus facilities and how the thousands of pieces of equipment operate. While performing these preventative maintenance and repair tasks, it is essential that employees work in a safe manner. Office of Safety live and on-line training classes are designed to raise your awareness for working safely. Additional instruction from your supervisor will ensure that you are working safely.

Job Safety Training

MSDS Online Database

Spartan Safety Concern Program

Workplace Safety Training


Chrome River Expense And Reconciliation

TMA Desktop Version Software Training

TMA iPad Software Training

Timeclock Instructions

When to “Reply” and when to “Reply all”

Supervisor Training

As a supervisor you are responsible for raising employee awareness of workplace hazards, which may cause injuries. Such hazards are often unique to your department’s work environment and can not be addressed in the UNCG Safety Orientation Program. The Office of Safety recently implemented a new and improved orientation program for new UNCG employees.

There are three levels to the new employee’s training:

1. Introduction to Workplace Safety
A one-hour presentation conducted by the Office of Safety during the UNCG Human Resources Orientation.

2. Workplace Training Checklists
Designed to assist supervisors and the new employee in providing a comprehensive assessment of hazards in the work environment and familiarize new employees with UNCG safety policies and procedures. The employee received this checklist during Human Resource Services Orientation.

3. Online Training Modules
Provide additional information to raise employee awareness of conditions and behaviors that cause workplace injuries and how to reduce those risks.


With one eye on providing excellence in today’s educational environment, and one always trained on adapting, enhancing, and transforming the facilities of the future, APPA seeks to create positive impact in educational facilities.

Training Policies

Other Opportunities

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