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The Employee Recognition Awards Program’s intent is to recognize employees that strengthen the Facilities Management team through remarkable contributions and performance.

Nomination Forms

2024 Award Event Winners


Winner of the 2024 Customer Service Award is Kurt Melvin. He always does what is needed to get the job done and address customer’s expectations, even when they can sometimes be difficult or unreasonable. This calls to mind one particular instance where a project was delayed due to some indecision on the customer’s part, then when they finally made up their mind, they wanted the work to be performed immediately in order to meet a funding deadline. Needless to say, the project was well behind the intended schedule. He happened to be going on vacation when this occurred and took the time out of his break to go above and beyond to coordinate the work, be creative in the approach to accomplish an otherwise unrealistic task and was able to get a contractor out to perform the job and meet the client’s needs. Thank you for your willingness to go the extra mile, Kurt Melvin!

The Winner of the Safety Award for 2024 is Allison Tighe. Allison responded to a request for the removal of a loose tree branch from a tree located in front of the Chemical Safety building. As she prepared to retrieve the branch, she discovered that one of the branches was entangled with a power line. She blocked off the area to prevent the loose branch from falling on anyone and reported the problem to her supervisor rather than moving the power line to retrieve the branch, and thereby avoided putting herself and others in danger.

The Winner of the 2024 Collaboration and Teamwork Award is Mark Meadows. Mark has consistently demonstrated an exceptional commitment to fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment. Instrumental in facilitating seamless communication and cooperation among team members in spite of the challenges we have faced with the changes to online collaboration tools. Whether it’s coordinating schedules, organizing meetings, or distributing important information, Mark goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards a common goal. Mark also consistently demonstrates a positive and inclusive attitude, fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity within the team.
Mark Meadows is a valuable asset to our department as well as the university at large.


The Customer Service Award winner is Zach Russell. Zach has taken to the new role very well. I do not have to find things that need to be taken care of, Zach searches it out or already have the task in mind without being directed to do so. Other employees like the way they ask if they need anything and pitches in to help even if they don’t ask. It does not matter if it is their zone or not, Zach is always willing to pitch in for the betterment of the department.

The Safety Award goes to Rebecca Jones. Rebecca’s crew responded to a waste spill at the building.  The cleanup went really well, but there were some process improvements and major takeaways from the incident. Rebecca worked with management in identifying the need for an updated procedure. 

The Collaboration and Teamwork Award goes to Zach Russell and Joseph Munday. Zack and Joseph took a huge burden off my shoulders when I started doing inventory. Not only did Zack and Joseph do a monumental amount of manual labor that went beyond the scope of their regular duties, they also showed a drive to learn and grow beyond their current positions. Zach and Joseph regularly reminded me of our goals and why we were doing this project in the first place when I was getting frustrated with the gigantic workload we had in front of us. I still have not been able to get back to finishing our equipment inventory, but with their help and perspective, we increased productivity three-fold!


Awards will be given for Customer Service, Safety, and Teamwork and Collaboration.
Individual nominations may be submitted by any UNC Greensboro faculty, staff, coworker or
contractor. Students may not submit nominations.

It will be the responsibility of Facilities managers, supervisors, and the committee
members to promote the Employee Recognition Awards Program throughout Facilities and
the campus community.

Note: All award categories are individual nominations. Team efforts will be recognized publicly at the Awards Event. Certificates will be awarded in these instances per review of
the committee

The following will be given to each award winner:

  • Framed Certificate of Recognition
  • Notation in Campus Weekly/Facilities Operations newsletter
  • Gift card

The committee will consist of representatives from each area or shop within Facilities. The committee is made up of both volunteers and appointments totaling 11 people including the chair. Area and Shop representatives will serve 3 year terms, with no more than 50% of the committee rotating
during a calendar year. New terms shall be consistent with the beginning of the calendar year.

Committee Responsibilities: The Employee Awards Committee is charged with the following duties. The chair of the employee awards committee will be responsible for working with the appropriate
departments or individuals to assure the following:

  • Funding from AVC of Facilities is requested to cover the cost of the recognition awards and ceremony.
  • The appropriate personnel are contacted to make arrangements for the awards
  • The committee shall review and rank nominations for the following awards:
    o Customer Service Award
    o Safety
    o Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Create and award certificates to the successful nominees during the awards event.
    The Selection Form will include comments and recommendations submitted through
    Nomination Forms. Nominees will only be identified by a number given by the chair or
  • Nominations are accepted from any UNC Greensboro employee or contractor.
  • Nomination forms including a short narrative are submitted to the chair via web,
    email or hard copy.
  • Nominations should be submitted by May 15th for the June awards.
  • Nominations are forwarded to the nominee’s immediate supervisor for review and
  • Nominations are compiled onto a ballot form by chair or designee.
  • The Employee Awards Program Committee shall review and rank nominations.
  • The committee chairperson tallies the nominations and presents committee
    recommendations to the nominee’s Department Director for review and approval.

Details about each award and What WINNERS Demonstrate:

This award is presented to individuals who demonstrate remarkable positive and professional interaction with fellow employees as well as the university community.

  • Must be a permanent full or part time Facilities employee including Facilities Operations, FDC, EH&S, Sustainability or HUB.
  • Should have no disciplinary actions recorded within the last six months.
WINNERS Demonstrated a combination of the following:
  • Building Commitment- going the extra mile and demonstrating pride in work and/or demonstrating leadership and accountability.
  • Communicating Effectively – politely and diplomatically setting clear service
    expectations, providing consistent and accurate information to the client,
    volunteering value added services/information, and/or keeping clients apprised of
    waiting times for provision of service.
  • Demonstrates creativity or resourcefulness in assisting customers

This award is to acknowledge outstanding contributions by University Facilities
employees in establishing and maintaining high standards of occupational safety and health
activities and achievements within the university

the criteria
  • Must be a permanent full or part time Facilities employee including Facilities Operations, FDC, EH&S, Sustainability or HUB.
  • Should have no disciplinary actions recorded within the last six months.
  • Must have no accidents (with exception of Band-Aid cases) recorded during period.
WINNERS Demonstrated a combination of the following:
  • Demonstrating significant improvement over previous conditions.
  • Making an extra effort to improve or correct a specific aspect of safety within the
  • Employee properly uses all personal protection and safety equipment.
  • An individual who keeps their work environment neat, clean and safe.
  • An individual who stands out and leads by example by practicing good safety

This award is to acknowledge outstanding contributions by Facilities employees who
have worked together in an exceptional manner to perform an assigned task. This employee
has performed beyond the scope of their regular day-to-day job duties and responsibilities.

the criteria
  • Must be a permanent full or part time Facilities employee.
  • Should have no disciplinary actions recorded within the last six months.
WINNERS Demonstrated a combination of the following:
  • Solicited the input of others who are affected by plans or actions.
  • Listened to all points of view.
  • Found areas of agreement when working with conflicting individuals or groups and
    built consensus.
  • Identified and pushed for solutions in which all parties benefited.
  • Demonstrated concern for treating people fairly and equitably.
  • Gave credit to and recognized others who contributed.
  • Kept all relevant individuals and groups informed and up-to-date.
  • Readily got cooperation of others for whom he or she had no direct supervisory
  • Took into account the university as a whole when making or recommending